What to Know When Selling Gun Collections in Virginia

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Recent changes to Virginia state law have changed some aspects of gun sales.

What to Know When Selling Gun Collections in Virginia

How do you sell a gun collection in Virginia?

If you are from Virginia and want to sell your gun collection, CT Firearms Auction can help. CT Firearms Auction has a Federal Firearms License to buy and sell handguns and long guns, so we know how to follow Virginia and federal laws.

We have extensive experience in buying gun collections from private collections and estates throughout the country. We are interested in talking to anyone selling gun collections in Virginia.

Age restrictions

The minimum age to purchase, possess and transport a rifle, shotgun or ammunition in Virginia is 18; the minimum age purchase, possess and transport a handgun is 21.


The state of Virginia requires anyone purchasing a firearm from a licensed firearms dealer to complete a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms transaction form 4473. The dealer is also required to perform a National Instant Criminal Background Check System check on the purchaser. If the buyer is flagged and disallowed from purchasing for unjustified reasons, an appeal process is possible, including challenging results of a criminal background check.


As of July 1, 2020, all firearm sales in Virginia, whether the firearms are purchased from a licensed firearms dealer or an unlicensed seller, require a universal background check, excluding sales between family members and instances where nothing of value is exchanged for the firearm.

Purchase limits

State law limits the purchase of handguns to 1 every 30 days. Those who possess a Virginia concealed carry permit are exempt from the purchase limit.

Class 3 items

Virginia allows for ownership of Class 3 firearms and firearm accessories, including machine guns, suppressors, short-barrel rifles, short shotguns — everything legal under the National Firearms Act registry.

CT Firearms Auction can guide you through the process of selling any collection, including those with Class 3 items, offering peace of mind from transactional liability.

Machine Gun Registration

Virginia law requires all machine gun owners to register their Class 3 item with state police within 24 hours of acquisition. During possession, gun owners should promptly notify state police of any change of information related to the registration, such as change of address, telephone number, etc.

Upon transferring a registered machine gun, the transferor is required to notify state police, in writing, of the transfer date and name and address of the transferee.

There is an easier way

Auctions often are the best place to sell inherited firearms. Gun collectors come to auctions, looking for rare, fascinating and valuable firearms. Many firearms sold at auction are part of an inheritance or personal collection.

Firearm auctions enable sellers to get the best price for their guns. Instead of haggling with the retail dealer, auction houses appraise the value for a starting bid. From there, it is worth whatever a collector is willing to pay. Auction houses take a simple commission. Beware of hidden fees.

If you are interested in selling your gun collection in Virginia, please contact the experts at CT Firearms Auction.

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Home > What to Know When Selling Gun Collections in Virginia
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