S/N 449172 circa 1889. The lock, trigger and trigger guard, buffington rear sight with sight protector barrel band, front blade sight, trigger guard seem to all be original 1884 carbine. The rear sight is stamped “C” for carbine. Proper 3 notch tumbler and grooved trigger. The trapdoor has been swapped out with a 1873 and is marked as such “US Model 1873”. Although the stock appears to be an original carbine stock it has been sanded down and re-finished eliminating the inspectors cartouche. The wood furniture has numerous marks and it is obvious that it has been disassembled and reassembled multiple times. Also looks like an aftermarket sight was tapped on the rear of the lock. Proof marks on the barrel are present. Bluing is now a deep brown patina. Bbl is 22″ Antique.