Rare Pinfire Miniature Revolver by Thomas Weston of Mexico City. This is an excellent mini copy of Colt 1847 Walker Percussion Revolver complete with Walnut fitted leather case including a powder measure, three legged bullet mold, cap tool, and compartments with lead bullets and extra caps and percussion nipples. Gun is marked “A Company No. 8, Colts Patent and US 1847. Every part is wonderful in it’s detail, with bright royal blue, fine brass, and great stampings. Full Functional, and in good working condition. Included is a hand written note that reads: ” Serial 8, 6 Inch Size Model, Sample absolutely not for sale, Tom P. Westons Personal Collection. included is a photo reduction of the Loading directions for loading Colts Percussion Revolvers, with a “Westons Mexican Art Shop” Stamp en verso, dated April 22nd, 1950. Excellent original condition. CLASS: NO FFL REQUIRED