Description Early 20th century New York state senate campaign poster for Private William Quaid, a Rough Rider who fought in the Spanish-American War under Theodore Roosevelt. The First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, known as the Rough Riders, was assembled by Theodore Roosevelt, then Undersecretary for the Navy, to serve as an all-volunteer military force in the War. The Rough Riders are most famous for their assault during the Battle of San Juan Hill. After the War, many Rough Riders used their fame to seek public offices, like William Quaid. This poster shows Quaid in his Rough Riders uniform, and reads “For Senate 23rd District Comprising the Counties of Orange & Rockland. William Quaid, Rough Rider”. Poster is under plastic on matte board. Condition: worn, dark spots on paper, creasing / minor tears but still in good condition overall. Dust on plastic, small tears in plastic. 28 7/8″ tall by 22 3/4″ wide (poster), 31″ tall by 24 7/8″ wide (board). Keywords: Spanish American War, militaria, military, United States, USA, US, army, decor, wall, decoration