Romania Cugir WASR-2 in 5.45X39mm with seven, 10-round Single-Stack removable magazines and a 16″ barrel. The metal butt plate is in good condition with light wear and metal oxidation. The unfinished wood stock is in excellent condition with light handling wear no damage. The receiver is in very good condition with light scuffs and scratches. The wood fore grip is in excellent clean condition. The barrel is in very good condition with a few light scratches and dings. The adjustable rear sight and front fixed blade are in excellent functioning condition. The semi-automatic rifle comes mounted with a olive drab shoulder strap in excellent condition. The rifled bore is very clean and the action smooth. This rifle comes with (7) ten round removable Single-Stack magazines in good condition with touches of metal oxidation. The magazines are proofed with “Romania” on the bottom. AK-47 style safety lever in excellent functioning condition. Must Ship to FFL, Check local law for legalities of “Assault weapons” BEFORE placing a bid. Second listing.