Remington Hepburn No. 3 Military Long Range Creedmoor. This documented and published rifle was featured in the Tom Rowe book Remington’s No.3 Hepburn (page 195, book included with lot) and originated from the Steve Edelman collection. Manufactured between 1880 – 1885 with total production believed to be only a few hundred. These rifles were designed by Lewis Hepburn, a master gunsmith and target shooter who worked for the Remington between 1874-85 as a shop foreman. The 34″ barrel has a wind gauge, leveled, point front sight , rear military sight and large Vernier tang sight (stored on stock when not used). One-line Remington address marking on the top of barrel. The lower left side of the receiver is marked “HEPBURNS PAT./OCT. 7TH 1879”. The full musket figured forearm and fancy round knob pistol grip stock with checkering at the wrist. Metal forend cap and buttplate. Chambered for .44-2 6/10 Remington (aka .44-100). Also included is a letter and draft of an article written by Garrett Hollands for Roy Marcot in the RSA Journal. Antique, Ships direct to buyers home
Condition: Antique Very fine. The barrel retains 70+% original blue finish with some speckling and thinning to brown on the edges and markings. Muzzle has some scratches. The action retains some muted case colors. The wood is fine showing some handling/storage marks but minor given its age. Lightly worn checkering overall. Mechanically excellent. Bore is excellent. A documented, published, high quality, investment grade example of a Remington Hepburn No. 3 Long Range Creedmoor that will make a great addition to any collection as a center piece or for investment purposes.