Description This lot is for three De-Milled parts groups. The first two are Russian PPSH-43 rifles in 7.62x25mm with rifled barrels, bolts, lower trigger group/magwell, springs, folding butt stocks, two magazine pouches with six magazines and top cover. The second is a De-Milled Finnish Suomi KP-31 parts kit in 9x19mm with wood stock, ported barrel shroud, magazine pouch with three magazines and torch cut receiver. These all come in a 81mm Cannon ammunition box measuring 25″x13″x8″. Non-Gun, No FFL required and ships to buyers home. Condition: Good/Very good with being De-Milled. Clean rifled barrels. Barrel Length: 9.75″ 9.75″ Manufacturer: Oy Tikkakoski Ab Russia Caliber: 9×19 7.62x25mm Model: PPSH-43 Suomi KP-31 Year-Range 1932-1946