An excellent choice for sporting clays, this elaborately done Perazzi fits the bill for even the most affluent shooter. Set on a Perazzi MX frame and then embellished to the level of SCO Gold (ORO). Imported from Italy by the original owner, the set is equipped with a 12ga and 20ga barrels. Both barrels have White blade front sights with a white bead middle sight, mounted on vent ribs. Exotic walnut forend and Monte Carlo style stock finished with a shooter friendly matte finish. Diamond pattern hand checkering. Barrel sets share a robust and beautifully engraved coin silver receiver that is at 100% coverage of a complex nature. Engraver signature appears to be that of Fausto Galeazzi. Tight scroll and floral figures around the border, bottom near trigger guard, and fences. Scenes of ancient goddess Diana in forest settings on all three sides. Gold inlay highlight the hunters, their dog, and weapons. Top lever has carved through floral design and adds a high level of artistry. Trigger guard is engraved and bears the initials “MA” in fancy script. Single gold trigger with a wide target width, Auto ejectors, and non automatic safety. Chokes on both sets are Full and IM, ideal for sporting clays and pheasant. Comes with original Perazzi hard case. Must Ship to FFL or C&R

Condition: Excellent, Biggest concern is the deteriorated soft rubber butt pad, an easy fix and opportunity for the new owner to customize to their liking. Barrel bluing on both sets is >95% with only evidence of thinning on the 12ga set in between the barrels. Wood is nearly free of any marks. Mechanically excellent, Bores are mirror bright and hardly shot based on wall thickness and lack of wear. LOP was omitted due to butt pad condition.

Gun Specifications:
Drop @ Comb = 1 3/8″
Drop @ Heel = 2″
Drop @ Monte = 1 1/2″
Weight= 8.2 lbs
Cast Off

12ga Barrel Set:
Bore Diameter @ 6″ from muzzle L= .726 R= .729
Wall Thickness @ 6″ from muzzle = .030 (Both)
LOP was unattainable due to deteriorated butt pad.
Choke: O=.693 (Full) U=.700 (IM)

20ga Barrel Set:
Bore Diameter @ 6″ from muzzle .617 (Both)
Wall Thickness @ 6″ from muzzle = .034 (Both)
Choke: O=.588 (Full) U=.595 (IM)