UPDATE: CALIBER IS 45-70, CT MILITIA MARKED. Description Peabody Side Hammer often referred to as the model 1870 falling block rifle chambered in what is believed to be .45 Peabody Rimfire. This interesting Martini type action rifle features a 33″ barrel with fixed front bead and rear v-notch rifle sight. The barrel is marked “E”/ “E” / star / “P” with a “W” above and just forward of the receiver. The top of the breach is marked “S” and the falling block is marked “B” just in front of the firing pin. The left side of the receiver is marked “PEABODY’S PAT.” / JULY 22, 1862″ / PROVIDENCE TOOL CO.” / PROV. R.I.”. The bottom of the receiver is marked “E” in front, “3” just forward of the lever, “S” on the lever and “K” on the lower rear tang. There is a “R” marked in the saddle ring insert, this being a rifle there is no attached ring. There is a sling swivel insert in the butt stock marked “CONN” / “274”. Antique, Ships direct to buyers home Condition: Overall Fine with good rifling but dark in the grooves. There is a 2-1/2″ area between the barrel bands where the stock is quite worn. There is a large ding and chip in the butt at the heel.