This is a listing for “3” black powder guns, two rifles and one pistol. The first is a Jukar Spanish black powder flintlock pistol with a single shot capacity and a 9″ barrel. The pistol is in excellent functioning condition with a fresh piece of flint in the striker. The hardwood is in excellent condition with no major scuffs or scratches. The brass on the pistol is in excellent condition no heavy wear. The barrel has a touch of metal oxidation smooth to touch. Serial number on the pistol is “32323”. The rifled bore and plunger are very good condition. The second is a Connecticut Valley Firearms INC. .50 caliber black powder cap and ball rifle with a 32″ barrel and a single shot capacity. This rifle is in very good overall condition. The metal butt-plate is in excellent condition along with the cap storage door on the stock. The hardwood stock is in very good condition with light scuffs, scratches and dings no crack or chips. The double set trigger is in excellent functioning condition with light all-over handling wear. The rifles function is crisp and tight. The rifled hexagonal barrel is in very good condition with a touch of metal oxidation throughout the surface. The rifled bore is clean and the push rod is in excellent functioning condition. Serial number “0051802”. The third is a Sharpe converted flint lock to cap and ball black powder. This rifle is a single shot possible .52 caliber with a 41 1/2″ barrel. The rifle is in fair condition with heavy field wear throughout. The brass butt-plate is in very good condition with a light tarnish and a few light scuffs and scratches. The hardwood stock is a beautiful grain and in fair condition with a crack around the back of receiver and small nicks and chips throughout. The brass trigger guard is in very good condition with a light tarnish and a few light contact spots from handling. The trigger and hammer function work very well. The receiver is in poor condition and has an added side plate with screws in it to hold together the original side plate on the right. The barrel and receiver have a large amount of metal oxidation on them and by the hammer, pitting. The bore is dirty but not heavily corroded at all, just needs good cleaning. The push rod is missing its brass tip and is stuck in rifle, otherwise in good condition. No serial number or other proofs on rifle. These are all black powder and are “antique”, no FFL required.