US MODEL 1812 contract, flintlock musket made by Eli Whitney in New Haven, CT. This is a single shot, 69 caliber muzzleloader with a 42 inch barrel with a bayonet stud near the muzzle. The metal is a dark brown patina with mild corrosion at the rear of barrel and around the touch hole. The lock functions as expected and the lock plate with the New Haven banner, although not crisp, is still legible. Overall a good example for the entry level collector. The frizzen has some marks from being struck by metal which should clean up easily. There is a crack on the wrist that runs adjacent to the lockplate and there appears to have been a solid repair that looks quite old. The lock plate has the letters HH carved into it. All parts appear to be original including and original ramrod. CLASS: ANTIQUE NO FFL REQUIRED, OVERSIZED SHIPPING ITEM