Colt Commemorative saluting literary great Ned Buntline and his alleged gift to Wyatt Earp and company. No proof has ever come about that this transaction actually occurred however the “Buntline Special” was born and remains a western classic firearm. This series was made in 1979, of which only 300 were produced. The 12″ nickel barrel provides a grand scene as the lid to the presentation case is opened. the entire gun is nickel plated including the special target rear sight. Black synthetic grips with Colt motif and eagle crest. Case has protective glass over a red velvet lined interior. Includes six .45 colt rounds (not original). Condition: Unfired, as new. Only issues observed are a couple of cloudy spots, likely preservative on the nickel. Appears to come clean with polish cloth. Case has storage scuffs and scratches.