Description This lot is for three Black Powder Muzzle Loading rifles. The first is a Stoeger Flintlock in an unknown caliber, measuring in at 14.30mm on our micrometer with a single round capacity and a 39.4″ round barrel. Smooth wood stock. Single trigger. Under barrel ramrod. Flint in the hammer. Metal loops for a shoulder sling. Smooth bore. The second is a Thompson Center Arms Percussion Rifle in .56 caliber Smooth Bore with a single round capacity and a 27″ barrel. Double set trigger. Case colored lock plate and hammer. Blued octagonal barrel. Under barrel ramrod. Missing the rear sight with a front fixed blade. Smooth Bore. The third is a Traditions Deer Hunter Percussion Rifle in .50 caliber with a single round capacity and a 24″ octagonal barrel. Black composite all weather stock. Single trigger. Rear Williams adjustable peep hole and front fixed blade sight. Under barrel ramrod. Metal loops for mounting a shoulder sling. Rifled bore. Black Powder Muzzle Loaders, No FFL required and ships to buyers home. Oversized shipping may apply. Condition: Good with missing parts, scratches, rust and finish wear/loss. The Thompson Center has rust to the smooth bore and missing the nipple and rear sight. The Traditions is missing the mid barrel sight and has a light rust to the rifled bore. The Stoeger has rust to the smooth bore and the front forend is a bit loose. Sold AS-IS. Barrel Length: 24″ 27″ 39.5″ Serial: NVSN NVSN 184757 Manufacturer: Stoeger Thompson Center A Caliber: .50 .56 SB Model: Deer Hunter Muzzle Loader