Full length stock percussion seven groove rifle in .38 caliber manufactured by Levi Kaup. Silver blade fore-sight with fixed rear sight. The lock plate is unmarked as is the brass side plate. The brass furniture includes fore-end cap, ramrod thimbles, trigger guard, toe and butt plate and cartridge trap. The hardwood stock features a scant Monte Carlo cheekpiece with silver inlay and a wooden ramrod. There are also several silver inlays scattered throughout the length of the stock. The barrel has a heavy brown patina with a good amount of pitting on the nipple, hammer and lockplate adjacent to the nipple. The lock plate is mostly black in color. The hammer will not set although is under excellent spring tension. Given that it is difficult to evaluate the set trigger. This features very handsome tiger striped wood throughout the length of the stock in good condition. There is a crack at the breach on the left side which disappears under the side plate. There appears to be a repair to address this. There is also wood loss due to combustion both in front and behind the nipple. CLASS: ANTIQUE NO FFL REQUIRED, OVERSIZED SHIPPING ITEM