Half length stock octagon barrel seven-groove bore percussion rifle in .36 caliber. This features a fancy dove tailed front blade sight and elk horn rear sight. The barrel has nice etching on the muzzle end and on the breach end and through the length of the tang. The lock plate has border etching and engraving of a hunter along with the name “JOSEPH GOLCHER” engraved in a banner below the nipple. Joseph Golcher is believed to be the lock maker. The brass furniture includes a stock end cap, trigger guard, side plate and toe and butt plate. The three ramrod thimbles are steel and integral to the underside of the barrel. The narrow curved stock features hand checkering throughout the wrist. The full length octagon barrel is a light brown patina. The silver/grey lock plate looks to be in nice original condition. There is some mild corrosion around the nipple. This features an integral flash guard which has protected the stock from combustion loss. This feature a set trigger which is in need of adjustment. The wood is in nice condition with a sign of surface crack running from the end of the lock plate into the wrist to the tang. CLASS: ANTIQUE NO FFL REQUIRED